Life at TekGenisys

TekGenisys, a Software Development & IT Company, is home to hardworking and committed professionals who have completely dedicated themselves to inventing innovative software solutions.

Employee Benefits

Newly hired employees, no matter how brilliant, require extensive training to perform well in any niche. That is why TekGenisys has gone above and beyond to provide the employees with an outstanding training session from time to time.


The employee training is considered unavoidable in most successful organizations, and TekGenisys believes the same. Workshops are conducted at regular intervals and are considered mandatory for all employees for their skill advancement.

Personal Development Sessions

The learning and development sessions are organized at different occasions to ensure that the employees are developing such personality traits that would help them to be a better human being at the workplace.

On-Job Training

On-job training sessions are also organized for TekGenisys employees so that they can learn every day and groom their skills. The senior team members actively interact with everyone, listen to their problems and offer guidance.


The presentation sessions are also the part of in-house training strategy in which the learning employees are encouraged to take an initiative and share their learning experience with the fellow employees through interactive presentations.

The higher authorities at TekGenisys have always believed in providing some relief to the hardworking employees by rewarding them for their undying dedication to this company.

Year Completion Ceremony

The year completion ceremony is organized every month. During this ceremony, the employees celebrate a cake-cutting event and congratulate those fellows who have completed another year at this organization.

National Events Celebration

The national events such as Independence day, Defense day and Pakistan day are also warmly celebrated here. The employees fully participate in the decoration of workplace on these occasions and greet each other as well.

Biannual Luncheon

The bi-annual lunch program is scheduled at an outdoor destination where employees meet each other; discuss the goals they set and the ones they achieved. They also reaffirm the milestones they are yet to achieve.

Prize Distribution Ceremony

The prize distribution ceremony at TekGenisys is all about encouraging high-performing employees by offering them achievement certificates as well as cash prizes. Furthermore, the struggling employees are also enticed to perform.

TekGenisys understands that the continuous hard work can drain the employees off their energies. That is why TekGenisys arranges trips to scenic locations for the employees.

Official Picnics

The recreational picnics are organized twice in the year so that the teams can spend some time together and know each other on a personal level. These picnics also let these employees get involved in different sort of activities that they cannot try during their daily routine.

Departmental Events

Apart from the official trips, the departments also arrange their trips on & off to get away from their monotonous schedule and engage in other activities. Such departmental activities include hiking, casual lunch or dinners, and other entertainment events on several occasions.

Monthly Lunch

TekGenisys provides its employees with an opportunity to attend outdoor lunches. This outdoor lunch program is arranged on a monthly basis where employees are given a choice to choose their favorite outdoor spot.

Other Activities

The employees also get a chance to organize their activities after the approval of officials to enjoy different events. Such events mostly include interdepartmental tournaments. These arrangements give room to the employees to engage in the activities of their liking.

More Perks

The hired employees can enjoy the following benefits too

Health Insurance

Health insurance proves helpful when any of the employee or one of his immediate family members falls sick. The health insurance covers the medical expenses of employees up to a specified limit. Employees can visit any of the panel hospitals to get insurance.


The permanent employees at TekGenisys are entitled to E.O.B.I once their journey with company reaches to an end. This facility helps these employees to plan their post-retirement period without facing inconvenience.

Advance Salary

Using advance salary policy, the employees get an opportunity to withdraw their salary before time in case of dire need. If such situation arises, the employees let the company know about their requirement and the company arranges for the salary soon.

Emergency Loans

The emergency loans are also available for the employees to meet their unavoidable financial needs conveniently. All an employee needs to do is to let the company know about the requirements, share required documents and get the loan.

TekGenisys has provided its employees with various attractive features as to keep them working for this organization for a very long time. Many of such features include

Gym Facility

The gym facility is available for the employees because we understand how valuable good health conditions are. We want our employees to stay fit, and our gym facility is a proof of our commitment.

In-house Cafeteria

TekGenisys ensures a hygienic environment in the cafeteria to deliver quality food to the workers. In-house cafeteria makes it easier for the employees to order healthy and nutritious snacks whenever they like.

Sports Events

The sports tournaments are organized officially for the employees to participate. These tournaments are organized now and then, and a cash price is announced for the winner team and the runner-up team.

Alternate Saturdays Off

The alternate Saturday off policy is implemented with the collaborative efforts of all the employees where they adjust their schedule and shift timings in such a way that workload is easily managed.

Health & Wellness

The health coverage lets the employees avail benefits in case if an employee or any of the close family members falls sick. This policy covers the hospitalization cost of the patient up to a certain limit.

Special Occasion Bonus

The employees are accustomed to getting a bonus on special religious occasion i.e. Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Azha. The amount of the bonus depends on the designation of an employee.

Secure Environment

The security of the workplace is ensured through 24/7 monitoring and CCTV cameras that are working all the time. TekGenisys is concerned for its employees’ security more than they are.

Leaves Benefit

The confirmed employees at TekGenisys are entitled for 24 Annual leaves. They’ll get cash payment against their leaves at the end of the year if they haven’t availed their leaves.

TekGenisys is a firm believer of praising the hard work and the dedication of the employees to the company. That is why TekGenisys has always tried their level best to provide the employees with extraordinary monetary benefits.

Bi-annual Appraisal

The performance of the employees is evaluated twice in a year to determine if they are eligible for the growth or not. These appraisals determine the direction of the employees and their departmental roles are reconsidered.

Departmental Evaluation

The employee evaluation is also carried out on the monthly basis at departmental level where the team supervisors assess the performance of the team members and convey the performance report to the higher officials.

Performance Bonus

The performance bonus is awarded for the best performance during the monthly meetings. The employees with the most quality hours and the top performance are eligible to get this cash performance bonus from the company.

HR Evaluation

Not just the department evaluates the employees on a monthly and bi-annual basis; the role is played by the HR department as well so as to determine the overall performance of an employee.

Connect. Learn. Grow.

IT Professionals at TekGenisys have been groomed under the legendary supervision of the experienced Software Engineers who have vested years of their experience in the formation of a technology hub that is now developing the most outstanding software products for international markets. The company has always offered promising opportunities to fresh graduates with talent. The people behind the inception of TekGenisys have strong moral values and judge the employees based on their performance. At TekGenisys, you are sure to find amazing opportunities that will help you in defining your future in the spectrum of ever growing technologies. 

Devote your IT knowledge and skills working with TekGenisys and enjoy the amazing benefits that we offer to our employees.

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