Get a precise record of return on investment for your advertisements and track pathways from where the clients have switched to your business website. Explore and find out about prospective buyers and yield greater ROI than ever before.


Every business spends a considerable amount on advertising, but what most of them fail to realize is that the assessment of KPIs is equally important. The evaluation of digital advertising will empower the marketing teams to target the audience proactively. AdROI lets businesses to get the overview of marketing efforts.

AdROI calculates the ROI for the investment made by companies for their promotional campaigns. This software utilizes robust technologies to correlate the advertisement budget with revenue to find out the real-time return on investment. Along with the calculation of ROI, this software also tracks down pathways through which the customers reached the business page through digital advertisements.

The evaluation of KPIs with AdROI enables businesses to streamline their advertisement plans in a way that will render maximum output. Such activities that aren’t reported to be productive are either modified or canceled for further use. Ultimately this results in an increase in the revenue and maximizes the benefits for the businesses.

With the diversified and automated features offered along AdROI, you’ll no longer have to wait for a long time or indulge yourself in preparing convoluted statistical reports to find out the return on investment because AdROI can handle it all on its own.

The reports reveal the improvement in the ROI of those companies which started to use AdROI for boosting revenue and eliminated restraints, thus improving the quality and impact of advertisement projects in the long run. TekGenisys is proud to present this useful software to businesses for the optimization of their in-house advertisement.


The add-ons associated with AD ROI help businesses find just those prospects who are more likely to convert into customers. Let’s have a look at these features to see what else AdROI is capable of doing.


With fully independent campaign management software integration, the online advertisement activities are monitored efficiently. ROI is tracked after analysing each campaign.
From the campaign volume to the predefined medium and from keyword selection to the branding strategies, the system analytics and reports provide all required data.
A highly efficient user management system takes AdROI to a new level. The companies don’t have to depend on a single resource for the management of advertising campaigns because of this feature.
With the lead generation being the foremost target of every advertisement campaign, AdROI offers tracking & APIs to automate the lead/conversion tracking.

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