TekGenisys is a growing enterprise, oriented to achieve specific targets with a revolutionizing approach towards the use of technology. The developers of TekGenisys understand ever-changing needs of the IT businesses and in turn, develop advanced software solutions.


With the integration of this management software, the freelancer developers along with the business personnel will be able to understand the needs of each other better. And, the timely comprehension of the requirements will only generate positive results.

With this integration, the freelancers will be given a quick access to a ConInGen. The incorporation of this management software within systems will provide the opportunity to freelancers and employers to assess the activities and the performances in the ConInGen.

Also, the employers will be able to upload all the IT projects that need outsourcing. The hired freelancers will be able to go through different projects and choose whatever seems fit to them. The ConInGen will list all the pending projects in a column along with the submission date. Also, with the help of this ConInGen, a company will be able to track the movements of the freelancers, notify them of the approaching deadlines, and provide them with the comments of the unsatisfied clients for further improvement.

ConInGen makes the management of workload easier with a systemized approach. It facilitates the in-house workers of a company and the freelancers alike as it is easily accessible by everyone inside or outside an organization, once the credentials have been created. With the incorporation of ConInGen, you can free-up your time to cope with projects of higher priority level since it is automated and able to work independently after installation. Its advanced functionality allows users to timely execute the projects assigned and stay updated at every phase.


There are different features associated with ConInGen to facilitate businesses that have incorporated this web application to ascertain the seamless workflow in their organization. Begin the integration of ConInGen within your systems and enjoy the following features of ConInGen;


The highly functional content production management software is integrated into ConInGen that receives stores and delivers the content and also facilitates comprehensive user management.
This interface takes care of the optimization and streamlining of multiple ongoing processes. Also, freelancers’ signup, payment, and work are managed via automated process management.
With a complete content production lifecycle management system, the workload is precisely assessed and distributed according to the skill level and availability charts of the resources.
The standardized protocol analyzes the workflow and actively reports the errors and give customized alerts to let the user know about any issues. Also, APIs can be integrated with any system.

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