Enhance the effectiveness and maximize revenue manifolds with Deployer. It is fast, secured and certified software for the file transfer. Using Deployer is as easy as dropping files here and choosing platforms where the files are to be uploaded.


Security and reliability are considered to be the core component of any development process. If collaborative development is an integral part of your business, then Deployer is just the right choice for you. Application development companies require a fast deployment of files, be it the codes, content, images or files in any other format.

While the process of deployment is hectic and time consuming, and there is a very chance that the files that are being transferred will be misused if a company is relying on an open source application to transfer files. Deployer has been designed to protect your data, automate the deployment process and monitor your data integrity.

Deployer is a secure and convenient deployment facilitator that not only automates the sharing of files on different platforms but also provides businesses with elaborate reports on how the job has been performed. Furthermore, it monitors server activity and alerts if detects any suspicious change.

Deployer not only ensures a safe environment, but it also monitors all the processes till their completion. With a high level of security associated with Deployer, it is not possible to any third party or an unauthorized person to break to secure protocols.

With drag & drop user interface, all you need to do is to securely transfer the files into the system. Along with efficient deployment, the tracking facility is also available so that a company can easily access the history and know about the data that has been uploaded.


This secure, encrypted and certified software comes with some other features to enhance the user experience for businesses.


It allows using file managers to manage servers remotely while providing other deployment facilities on Linux & Window servers. Deployer ensures user rights & workflow management.
Deployer offers SQL comparison tools and automatic change tracking. System alerts on suspicious developer code if received external IPs, domains, emails for potential data hacking.
If a company wishes to shift a website across servers, Deployer provides a dependable solution in addition to providing full backup. Also, changes can be reverted with Deployer.
Deployer monitors the functioning of CPU, RAM, and hard disk.The automated database deployment (SQL server, my SQL) stores procedures and functions with all objects.

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