ePotential Growth

ePotential is yet another avant-garde software designed and developed by the experts at TekGenisys for the growth management of employees. ePotential Growth robustly maintains the growth record of every employee in business with respect to preordained criteria.

ePotential Growth

ePotential Growth goes beyond the mere performance assessment of the personnel working in a company. It focuses on the maintenance of a comprehensive, accessible and up-to-date record of the growth details of every employee to determine if he/she falls eligible for the rewards and bonuses.

ePotential Growth is a highly functional and fully automated software that independently prepares a report on every employee on the basis of fundamental and detailed criteria and keeps performance data secure. The application graphically represents employee’s attendance, late comings, absents, quality hours, certificates, etc. With the extensive report in hand, the employers can fully review the growth record of an employee and take decisions on this information.

The basic criterion for the growth of an employee at ePotential Growth is presented by assessment of points earned on attendance, employee monitoring data, the number of memos, the number of certificates and awards. In addition to that, ePotential Growth also gives information about the designation, current salary, joining date, confirmation date, keeps track of previous growth data and a total number of points, rank, performance rank, achievements and missed benchmarks.

ePotential Growth is simple to use but provides a myriad of growth-related information in a highly organized manner. An extended growth criterion will take you to a circumstantial growth report of each employee on a single click where you’ll be able to look at visual illustrations depicting complete information of an employee in addition to the certificate, performance, behavioral and attendance summary. In short, ePotential Growth fully empowers a company to know about the growth credentials of employees. On growth approval from the management, an automated email is sent to the employees regarding their growth status.


ePotential Growth is a feature rich application that offers a comprehensive overview of an employee’s growth metrics based on a detailed analysis of every factor related to performance. A few of the highlights you can view here.


ePotential Growth works by taking growth confirmation from top management, integrates performance data and presents an overview to Resource Managers.
With the fully automated interface, you will no longer have to regularly upload the growth-related information of all the employees working in your organization.
Individual employee ranking provides useful insights regarding performance and growth of personnel, making it easy for you to take right decisions.
As the growth recommendations are automated, ePotential Growth can generate growth recommendations based on company's financial projections.

Our full-stack software development team is effusively capable of turning your ideas into cutting-edge software and providing next generation technologies for you to rise above the competition.

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