ePotential Performance

ePotential Performance provides exceptional performance management for companies to commence evaluations on predetermined parameters. It helps you to look at the performance of employees on benchmark-based and project-based criteria.

ePotential Performance

TekGenisys has developed a performance evaluation application that streamlines the employee appraisal process. ePotential Performance evaluation is based on the sophisticated algorithms including the project benchmarks and quality of the tasks. Businesses & project management entities are only required to upload the details of the projects, their timeline, quality benchmarks and the ePotential Performance will evaluate the performance on this basis and would intuitively display the outcomes in charts and points.

The incorporation of the ePotential Performance is not only limited to the project-based assessment of the employees, but it will also give the opportunity to evaluate the performance of the employees against the predefined benchmark for the designated projects. Through the examination of their performances, the employers can easily award them or rank them according to their abilities.

The advanced functionality of ePotential Performance lets the companies see if there is room for improvement as far as the performance of each employee is concerned. The standard and relative assessment open new ways to allocate bonuses and other rewards justly.

With the help of ePotential Performance, the status of poor performance by each employee will also become transparent. You can also see what the clients think of their performance through their comments. With the access of such information, the employers can easily distinguish between the good and the average performers.


The incorporation of these features has transformed ePotential Performance into a highly functional software to evaluate the performance of the business of any volume. The key features give you a detailed insight into the workings of ePotential.


With the predefined standards for awarding points and bonuses to every resource, it is no more a dream to justly present the employees with performance-based increments and see trends and comparisons.
The ability of ePotential to automatically assess the performance of every resource with respect to their daily, weekly and monthly output has made it possible for existing users to scrutinize the growth goals.
The integration of APIs is one of the highly functional features offered along with the ePotential to enable the companies to transfer the data and browse it manually when required.
This feature is interlinked with the performance management in such a way that companies no more have to rank their employees or teams manually. ePotential provides exclusive ranking at regular intervals.

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