Freelancer Management System

Freelancer Management System is a simple and convenient solution to connect and collaborate. A platform where employers can post projects, hire freelancers and get the jobs completed in time.

Freelancer Management System

TekGenisys has long been providing businesses and enterprises the advanced software tools that can streamline the workflows and automate processes. From the web designing to the application development, our capable team has always delivered innovative solutions. TekGenisys has developed and delivered a Freelancer Management System to LancerHop that is a web based solution which connects employers and freelancers on projects, working at remote locations.

If you are one such business entity with a requirement to interact with distant workers on a daily basis, know that, TekGenisys can transform the way you connect with your team by making this everyday interaction easier than ever before. Through this solution, it becomes even easier to manage the projects, workflows, deadlines and payments.

Through the integration of this Freelancer Management System, LancerHop has introduced employers to talented freelancers who are capable of delivering the desired results simply by connecting through a virtual platform. Such incorporation lets the businesses post any project that needs to be accomplished within a specific period. Moreover, this platform also lets a myriad of skilled workers register here so that businesses can utilize their skills according to the requirements.

The working of the Freelancer Management System is considerably easy. It works in such a way that it provides thousands of skilled freelancers with opportunities of working with business giants of the world and we take pride in developing this tool for LancerHop.


With the integration of the Freelancer Management System, LancerHop is able to enjoy many benefits. Have a look at the features of the product and see for yourself how it is changing task based collaborations.


Because of comprehensive administration for monitoring, many companies are now able to effortlessly manage the sign-up, order assignments and payments of freelancers on time.
With an automated interface, the management doesn’t have to spend their precious time in the designation of tasks. The workload is not just assessed accurately but managed as well.
The Automated Bidding System will make it a lot easier to pick projects, participate in open bidding and track payments after submission of projects.
Freelancers Profile Management is a complementary feature empowering the companies extraordinarily. The designation of tasks as per the skill level is now easier than ever before.

Our full-stack software development team is effusively capable of turning your ideas into cutting-edge software and providing next generation technologies for you to rise above the competition.

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