Get hassle free talent acquisition and resource management system. iRecruit provides a customizable, synchronized, affordable and cloud-based recruitment platform for your business. Take result-oriented hiring decisions with optimized solutions provided by iRecruit.


Whether you’re running a start-up venture or a well-developed company, recruitment is an ongoing process as every organization strives to recruit talented resources. While recruitment process holds great importance in the maintenance of workplace environment and organizational performance, no one wants to get into lengthy and time consuming activities.

The incorporation of iRecruit comes with many perquisites including but not limited to the independent recruitment operations, record keeping facility, automated assessment of tests, maintenance of evaluation reports, the creation of candidate database and interview scheduling and management. iRecruit offers an ultimate, time-efficient solution to avoid inconvenience during the hiring process.

iRecruit is a next generation recruitment platform that works through an automated process and reduces the dependence of organizations merely on the hiring teams. This software handles the recruitment process on many fronts ranging from candidate assessment to timely reporting. iRecruit lets the companies hire multitalented personnel by minimizing restraints in the process.With a constant application tracking and admin monitoring add-ons, iRecruit has become one of the preeminent choices for most companies who wish to automate and customize their hiring procedure while reducing nuisance and maximizing the probability of hiring outstanding employees. No matter what recruitment policies you want to integrate, iRecruit facilitates customization on every level.

Numerous companies are already relying on the iRecruit for the management and monitoring of their hiring process on every level. From the formulation of a sound hiring plan to the acquisition of comprehensive reports, iRecruit never lets the companies go down at any level.


iRecruit streamlines the recruitment process in a way that makes sure your company gets just the right candidates for a position. With the features associated with iRecruit, businesses get one-click posting to social networks & job boards, customize the forms and freedom to recreate their recruitment process just the way they like!


With the automated operations, Recruiter can schedule interviews, tests and efficiently manages records during the process. It also creates custom assessments for MCQs & subjective questions.
The highly responsive interface lets the organizations define identify issues with automated programming problem solving. It also rates the tests based on the pre-defined criteria fed to the software.
While most of the companies open different positions at a time with different criteria for each one, Recruiter can customize the assessment of candidates that apply for each of these positions.
The management of profile is yet another add-on that lets a company keep a record of the candidates that apply for announced positions on and off so that the required information can be acquired when needed.

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